April Fools! (2015)

Here’s the joke I pulled on my students today… and the one they pulled on me!  (Sidenote: I learned today not to pull the same joke 2 years in a row… 3 of my students informed me first thing in the morning that they knew what I did last year because my former students told them.  I swore them to secrecy, and thankfully, they obliged.)

I passed out a foil covered plate to each table with directions to not touch it yet.  As I did that, I told the class that I thought they did really well with our standardized state test last week, so I made them all brownies in celebration.

Foil covered plate

When every table had a plate, I let them peel off the foil, and…

Plate of brown Es!

April Fools!  It’s brown Es, not brownies!

But then I pulled out real brownies that I really and truly baked for them…. so it was a nice joke.  :)  (Don’t worry, nutrition police, they were small brownies and I didn’t let the kids eat them until after lunch)  After this all transpired, I heard a few students saying they were going to plan something “to get me back.”  I said, “To get me back for making you real brownies? Some thanks that is!”  ;)  One student asked for permission to play a joke back on me.  That kid is thinking – covering his bases so he can’t get in trouble!  Haha.

Lo and behold, they DID plan a class prank during recess and were pleased as punch with themselves.  They got the whole 3rd grade in on it – they switched around their class line up spots and were all squatting down on the ground, eagerly waiting for us to come out and get them.  As the other teachers and I walked out, they jumped up and yelled, “APRIL FOOLS!”  With a little more chaos than normal, we got inside, where they kids kept asking, “Wasn’t that GOOD, Miss C??”  “Were you surprised??”  They also informed me: “It all started with kids from our class!  It was so-and-so’s idea and then she told a few people and we just spread it around!”  I told them that yes, I was surprised and so impressed that they organized it all, and that I’ll definitely remember that one.  Then came my favorite comment from a student: “It’ll go down in history, for sure.”

Hear that, history textbook writers?  April 1, 2015: the day some 3rd graders pranked their teachers by lining up 3 feet away from their normal line-up spot.  :)


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